The comfortable framework for making games in Wren

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Wren?

Wren is a great language for making games in:

  • Wren has a simple syntax, and a small core API, so it’s easy to learn and work with.
  • Dynamic typing, which makes writing code easy, for fast prototyping.
  • The language runtime is designed to be fast, which is perfect for games.
  • Wren supports functional and object-oriented programming paradigms, making it possible to express your ideas clearly.
  • Finally, it’s fun!

What makes DOME comfortable?

DOME has been designed to provide simple APIs for making games, so that you feel comfortable, whatever you’re making. It aims to rely on as few dependencies as possible, easy to build on most platforms and games made with DOME should be easy to share!

Have any games been made with DOME?

Sort of! Take a look:

  • There’s an example game in the GitHub repository, which shows off a number of features. It’s based on this tutorial for the PICO-8.
  • Check out this repository for example games taken from “Code the Classics”, but ported from Python and pygame to Wren and DOME.
  • A entry to “A Game By It’s Cover 2018”: Grid - Source
  • Station Salvage, a fine 7DRL 2020 entry.
  • CyberRunner, an experimental endless runner (WIP)
  • A entry to “A Game By It’s Cover 2020”: ALLNIGHTER - Parts of ALLNIGHTER’s development were live streamed, with recordings available here.
  • Pop-Up! by whmsft, a little reaction game.