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Importing User Modules

Wren allows scripts to import modules of reusable functionality specific to the embedding environment.

In our case, DOME allows for modules to be imported by path like this:

import "[module_path]" for ClassName

DOME currently resolves paths in a very simple way: All are relative to the entry point of the game, which is usually main.wren.

Module paths are resolved with the following priority:

  • DOME’s built-in modules
  • Wren VM built-in modules random and meta.
  • User-provided modules at the specified path, relative to the game entry point

As an example, imagine this directory structure:

+-- dome
+-- main.wren
+-- map.wren
+-- objects
    +-- sprite.wren
    +-- background.wren
+-- utils
    +-- math.wren
    +-- vectors.wren

To import a class from utils/math.wren from objects/sprite.wren, you would have an import statement like this:

import "./utils/math" for Math

This is because even though sprite.wren is in the objects folder, the path has to be relative to the main.wren of the project.