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The json module provides a simple interface to read and write json files and strings.

It contains the following classes:


Static Methods

static encode(object: Object): String

static encode(object: Object, options: Num): String

Transform the object to a Json encoded string. With default or custom options. Encoding only works for primitive data types (Bool, Map, Num, Null, List, String). If a non primitive object is passed, the encoder will call it’s toString method.

static decode(value: String, options: Num): Object

static decode(value: String): Object

Returns a new Json object with default or custom options.

static load(path: String): Object

static load(path: String, options: Num): Object

Reads the contents of a file in path and returns a new Json object with default or custom options.

static save(path: String, object: Object)

static save(path: String, object: Object, options: Num)

This will encode the object and then save the result to a file specified in path. With default or custom options.


Encoding a Simple Object

A simple object made with only primitive data structures.

 "is": true

Encoding a Complex Object

An object made with custom data structures.

import "json" for Json

class MyClass {
  // override toString to provide a serializable representation
  // of the object. This serialization will be called by the
  // Json.encode() method.
  toString { Json.encode(toMap) }
  toMap { { "is": isTrue } }

  isTrue { _isTrue }

  construct new(isTrue) {
    _isTrue = isTrue

var obj = MyClass.new(true)

// prints: { "is":true }



static nil: Num

No options selected.

static escapeSlashes: Num

This will encode solidus character (/). When converting a Map object to a String. This encoding is optional and is useful when you need to embed JSON inside HTML <script> tags. By default DOME does not escape slashes.

static abortOnError: Num

By default DOME aborts when there is a JSON parsing error (triggers a Fiber.abort() on parse error). Turn off this option if you want to capture the JsonError object.


Use Bitwise OR operator to select multiple options.

Json.decode(myString, JsonOptions.escapeSlashes | JsonOptions.abortOnError);


This object is returned on calls to Json.decode only if the JsonOptions.abortOnError default behaviour is disabled and a parse error was found.

Instance Properties

line: Num

Stores the last parsed line number.

position: Num

Stores the last parsed cursor position.

message: String

Stores the generated error message.

found: Bool

Tells if an error was found.